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Your food choices matter and make a difference.

Local farmers work tirelessly to produce enough fruit and veg to feed at least 60 million people, yet we spend more than $12 billion on imported food. Doesn't seem right, does it?

We're all about redressing this imbalance and supporting wholly Australian grown and produced food - guaranteed. By being a customer, you directly help reduce food imports and ensure our local farmers and suppliers are assisted in securing future food supplies for our country and jobs for our kids.

We believe in directly helping your local schools, clubs and community groups with Aussie Farmers Fundraising. This activity rewards your local community with Aussie Farmers dollars.

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Here's how we do it:

1. Register your school, club or group - download Registration Form.
2. Invite your families and members to enjoy 100% Australian food - we will help you with that!
3. A fundraising representative will need to add your families/members details to the system.
4. As families and members place their first orders, your school, club or group will receive their Aussie Farmers Dollars.

So be proud of what you are supporting with Aussie Farmers Direct - together we are helping Australia grow. See the program full Terms & Condition's.

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