Aussie Farmers Direct introduces Harvest Rewards - Rewards that give back!

We’re giving our customers the opportunity to make an even bigger difference to farming communities with every shop. And because one good deed deserves another, we’re rewarding our customers for participating with special offers and discounts.

Together we can support our farming communities through tough times and help them to thrive!

Check out how Harvest Rewards works here:

Earn seeds with every shop

Give your seeds to causes in rural and regional Australia that you want to support

Aussie Farmers Direct will fund projects supporting those causes to help farming communities grow and thrive!

As you earn more seeds, you'll unlock more benefits and rewards.

The total number of seeds you've earnt through Harvest Rewards - called Lifetime Seeds - are recognised through our Apple, Banana, Pear, Strawberry, Blueberry and Mango badges.

When you achieve a new badge level, we'll send you gifts, great discounts and more!

Our causes

You can donate your seeds to one of four causes that will make a difference to Australia's farmers and farming communities.

Meals for Mates

1 in 6 Australians experience food insecurity. Aussie Farmers Foundation has joined forces with Foodbank Australia - Australia’s largest food relief agency - to create the Meals for Mates program. Meals for Mates aims to deliver 1 million healthy meals to struggling families in rural and regional communities. Unfortunately, people in these communities are 11% more likely to need food relief. Together we can do something about it!

Every time a customer allocates their seeds to Meals for Mates, it will help provide a meal to someone in need.

Check out more information on Meals for Mates here:

Mental Health support for rural Australia

Supporting mental health and wellbeing is vital in rural and regional Australia, as these communities face additional pressures such as social isolation, lack of employment opportunities and natural disasters.

Seeds given to this cause will help the Aussie Farmers Foundation fund ongoing work to build resilience for at-risk youth, empower women and provide mental health and wellbeing support for farmers and their communities.

We have worked with partners across Australia including Black Dog Australia, Suicide Prevention Australia, Police Youth Citizen Clubs and other local community charities.

Check out one of these inspiring projects here:

Farm Sustainability

Worryingly, we’re seeing farmers walking off the land that their family has farmed for generations. For example Australia lost 25% of its small-scale veggie farmers in 2015. However, we’ve also seen some great advances in sustainability that are helping keep people on their properties as well as having a positive impact on the local environment.

Seeds given to this cause will support projects such as improving on-farm sustainability and services for farming communities.

We work with partners from local farming communities including Landcare groups, regional Neighbourhood or Community Houses, and the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal.

Check out one of these inspiring projects – “Financing Your Farm” here:

Healthy Country Kids

In many of Australia’s rural and remote communities, kids do not have regular access to the health and wellbeing services that we take for granted in our cities. Specialist health care is extremely limited and some families have to travel hundreds of kilometres to get their kids the care that they need. Health issues can also go undetected leading to more serious illness down the track.

Seeds given to this cause will help improve access to health services for our country kids. This can help prevent illness through regular health checks, and make it easier for them to get the treatment they need when they do get sick.

We work with healthcare providers and community organisations such as Royal Far West. Check out their inspiring Healthy Kids Bus Stop program here:

Note: all program funding is administered under the guidelines and governance of the Aussie Farmers Foundation, a registered charity with the ACNC