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Discover the latest news and media releases from the Aussie Farmers Direct Press Office:

Aussie Farmers Direct position on Baida Chicken Range

The Fair Work Ombudsman’s findings today against the Baiada Group supports Aussie Farmers Direct’s decision in May to cease stocking Lilydale chicken. (Read full article...)

Why is imported fruit on special at your local supermarket?

Imported fruit is being promoted at your local supermarket, to the detriment of Australian fruit growers and local farmers. (Read full article...)

Aussie Farmers Direct Suspends Baiada Chicken Range

You may be aware of allegations made on the ABC 4Corners program last week regarding work practices at Baiada, a major supplier of chicken to the Australian grocery market. (Read full article...)

Imported frozen berries and Hepatitis A

The product recall of imported frozen berries following confirmed cases of Hepatitis A in Australia shows the risk we take with offshore supply of fresh produce, and the need to support local Australia farmers.

Aussie Farmers Foundation Grants Reach 1 Million

(Aussie Farmers Foundation) 13/08/2014

For 2014, Aussie Farmers Foundation will support 12 organisations with total grants amounting to more than $260,000 which brings the Foundation’s grants to more than $1 million over the past 4 years.

Camperdown Dairy Launches New Yoghurts
(Camperdown  Dairy) 24/04/2014

Camperdown Dairy Company is pleased to announce production of yoghurt as the first product to be launched under the Camperdown Dairy brand.

Aussie Farmers Dairy Renamed to Camperdown Dairy
(Camperdown Dairy) 14/04/2014

Aussie Farmers Dairy is pleased to announce a renaming of the business to
Camperdown Dairy.

This announcement paves the way for the launch of a number of new products for customers under
the Camperdown Dairy brand.

Aussie Farmers Direct Announces Brownes as WA Milk Supplier
(Aussie Farmers Direct) 11/04/2014

Aussie Farmers Direct has today announced that iconic Australian owned dairy processors Brownes is the new fresh milk supplier for customers in WA.

Aussie Farmers Direct Brings Back Fish on Fridays
(Aussie Farmers Direct) 31/03/2014

This Easter, Aussie Farmers Direct is working to put the ‘good’ back into Good Friday by partnering with leading dietitian Karen Inge APD to offer Australians ten good reasons to bring back Fish on Fridays.

Aussie Farmers Direct Gets Behind Children’s Hospitals this Easter
(Aussie Farmers Direct) 28/03/2014

Independent online retailer Aussie Farmers Direct has started an appeal to raise a minimum of $10,000 for children’s hospitals across Australia this Easter.

Fresh Hot Cross Buns This Easter - Your Local Baker’s Got It Covered
(Aussie Farmers Direct) 03/03/2014

Spend less time battling the supermarket queues and more time celebrating the culinary traditions of Easter with freshly baked hot cross buns conveniently delivered to your doorstep by Australia’s favourite online home delivery service, Aussie Farmers Direct.

Aussie Farmers Direct Announces Partnership with The General Store
(Aussie Farmers Direct) 28/01/2014

Aussie Farmers Direct, Australia’s favourite fresh food business, has announced a partnership with The General Store so that customers across Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo can get their entire weekly shop delivered to their doorsteps.

The Launch of ‘Detox’ Box to Help Australians with New Year’s Resolutions

(Aussie Farmers Direct) 19/12/2013

Aussie Farmers Direct will be launching a ‘Detox’ Box to customers in 2014 with enough seasonal fruit and vegetables to make a 300ml juice each day for a week, and help Aussies who are in need of a nutrient boost to get back on track after a little too much Christmas Cheer.

Aussies Clicking Their Way to a ‘Community Christmas’ This Year
(Aussie Farmers Direct) 17/12/2013

Aussie Farmers Direct has analysed customers’ shopping habits and found that sales of Christmas items have increased by almost 400%, as more Australians plan their Christmas food shop online this year.

Online Food Retail Booms This Christmas
(Aussie Farmers Direct) 17/12/2013

There is a significant increase in customers intending to buy their entire Christmas feast online, with momentum coming off the back of growing online retail sales which rose to $14.4 billion in Australia for the year to October, a level that is equivalent to 6.4% of traditional retail spending, according to the NAB Online Retail Sales Index released last week.

Aussie Farmers Direct Announces Christmas Trading Hours
(Aussie Farmers Direct) 10/12/2013

Rest assured, Aussie Farmers Direct milkos will be delivering all of your Christmas essentials including milk and biscuits for Santa, and carrots for his reindeer right up until Tuesday 24th December.

Victorians to Get Groceries Delivered to Holiday Homes This Summer
(Aussie Farmers Direct) 03/12/2013

This year, for the first time ever, Victorians will be able to get their weekly shop of everyday grocery items and locally-sourced fresh food staples delivered to their holiday homes while staying on the Mornington and Bellarine Peninsulas.

Avoid the Supermarkets This Year
(Aussie Farmers Direct) 28/11/2013

This festive season, why not put your feet up and get your entire Christmas feast delivered to your doorstep by your friendly Aussie Farmers Direct milko?

VFF #TellUsWhy Campaign
(Victorian Farmers Federation) 24/10/2013

Victorian farmers have launched a social media campaign urging consumers to pressure supermarkets into using more Australian-grown produce in their house brands lines.

Supporting Body Image Movement
(Aussie Farmers Direct) 16/10/2013

In a move to help customers even more with their day to day, Aussie Farmers Direct has partnered with Taryn Brumfitt, founder of the Body Image Movement, to begin filming a series of lifestyle videos.

Milkos Awarded Franchisee of the Year
(Aussie Farmers Direct) 30/09/2013

Jeff and Jennelle Reynolds from Western Australia’s Canning Vale milk round in south east Perth have been awarded the Aussie Farmers Direct Franchisee of the Year award.

Aussie Farmers Direct Expands Organic Range
(Aussie Farmers Direct) 05/09/2013

As we approach National Organic Week, Aussie Farmers Direct has announced that it has become the largest online home delivery service of fresh organics in Australia since adding a new collection of organic products to its offering.

Aussie Farmers Direct Announces New CEO of Online Business
(Aussie Farmers Direct) 27/08/2013

The Board of the Aussie Farmers Group is pleased to announce changes to prepare for new
growth initiatives and investments in its businesses.

Home Delivery More Efficient Than Going to the Supermarket
(Aussie Farmers Direct) 16/05/2013

A Washington University study has found that getting your groceries delivered to be greener than driving from home to the supermarket and back.

Ministry of Food Blogger Challenge
(Aussie Farmers Direct) 13/05/2013

Jamie Oliver is calling for Australians to join his global crusade and celebrate real food on Food Revolution Day and to support, Aussie Farmers Direct will be delivering fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables to leading food and parenting bloggers across the country as part of a ‘bloggers challenge’ to come up with an array of winter recipe ideas.

Rescue Mission for Aussie Peach Farmers
(Aussie Farmers Direct) 26/03/2013

This week Aussie Farmers Direct will embark on a rescue mission for Goulburn Valley peach farmers who are being forced to let this year’s bumper crop of clingstones go to waste due to a lack of market demand.