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Delivery to your Doorstep

Why Shop with Aussie Farmers Direct

Aussie Farmers Direct is an independently owned, multi award-winning business that sources fresh produce delivered direct to your door. We support only Aussie farmers and guarantee that what you get is 100% Australian made and grown food. We arrange grocery delivery to over 130,000 households across six states of Australia. By joining Aussie Farmers Direct you are:

  • Supporting Australian farmers and manufacturers
  • Supporting local communities
  • Promoting sustainability and the environment
  • Enjoying convenience and value
  • Receiving quality, fresh produce; straight from the farm to you
  • Eating well to live a healthy life

A Better, Convenient Way to Have Fresh Produce Delivered

What could be more convenient than having fresh products delivered direct to your door just in time for breakfast? No more packing the kids in the car, sitting in traffic, fighting for a car park and waiting in check-out queues. Just a few easy clicks and you’ve got fresh produce delivered to your door. And we’ve done the math - we save our customers on average one hour a week; that’s time better spent with family and friends.

Saving you Money on your Grocery Delivery

How often have you gone to the supermarket for milk and bread but walked away with $40 or $50 of groceries that you didn't really want? Fewer trips to the supermarket means more dollars in your pocket. With Aussie Farmers Direct, you’ll find you only buy what you need.

Promoting Healthy Eating with Fresh, Quality Produce

Having your grocery delivered full of fruit and vegetables, usually within 48 hours of being harvested, is a great way to get your recommended daily intake of fruit and veg. By working directly with Aussie farmers we can get our fresh produce delivered faster and handled with extra TLC. Our meat is lean and hand cut by butchers, and we try our best to keep additives out of our food - our milk is free from added permeate, our Greek-style yoghurts don’t contain gelatine and our sourdough breads are raised with a natural fermentation process.

Click here to view nutritional information and ingredients for your state.

Supporting Aussie Farmers and Manufacturers

Our local farmers work tirelessly to produce enough fruit and veg to feed at least 60 million people, yet we spend more than $12 billion on imported food. Doesn't seem right, does it? Here at Aussie Farmers Direct, we're all about redressing this imbalance and supporting wholly Australian made and grown - guaranteed.

Aussie Farmers Direct was founded on the principle of helping Aussie farmers and as we’ve grown, we’ve been able to build on this and extend our support to Aussie manufacturers. We believe in fostering long-term partnerships and giving our produce partners a fair and sustainable price. By offering only products that are Australian made and grown, we are supporting our agricultural industry, our local economy and the future of farming and manufacturing in Australia.

Click here to learn more about how we support Aussie farmers, and what you can do to help.

Supporting Local Communities

In addition to supporting Aussie farmers, we also give back to the communities in several ways:

Aussie Farmers Direct Fundraising 
offers our customers an easy, healthy way to raise money for local schools, community groups and clubs. Customers simply nominate a registered organisation and Aussie Farmers Direct donates 2% of each family’s annual spend directly to that organisation.

Aussie Farmers Foundation is a non-profit, public benevolent institution and health promotion charity. It focuses on supporting rural and regional farming communities across Australia, made possible by the donations of Aussie Farmers Direct customers.

Aussie Farmers Dairy 
produces over 300,000 litres of milk per week for Aussie Farmers Direct customers in four states, as well as butter. With approximately 90% of fresh milk consumed in Australia produced by foreign owned companies, the launch of our own dairy allowed us to secure the supply of milk from only Aussie farmers and in doing so we’ve stimulated the local economy to the tune of $36.6 million within five years.

For a Sustainable Environment

Fewer Cars on the Road -
Every house that we deliver to means one less car on the road driving to the supermarket. Our franchisees deliver to up to 130 homes in a single round, which works out to be around 5,000 food kilometres saved by each of our rounds, each week... which equates to thousands of cars off the road!

Locally Sourced Products -
Aussie Farmers Direct food is locally sourced, often within your state so the carbon footprint of our products are much less than imported goods that may have travelled from the other side of the world. Melbourne environmental organisation CERES has found that the average basket of 25 food items has travelled a staggering 70,803 kilometres – the equivalent of almost two trips around the world! In comparison, Aussie Farmers Direct’s fruit and vegetable boxes travel an average of 10,000 kilometres.

Reduce, Re-use and Recycle -
Aussie Farmers Direct fruit and vegetables are delivered in recyclable cardboard boxes with lids made from recycled cardboard, and our milk and bread range is delivered straight to our customers’ reusable cooler bag on their doorstep helping them to avoid plastic shopping bags.

Less Food Waste -
Aussie Farmers Direct buys according to customer needs; because the customer orders online first, there is little food wastage as our buyers only buy the quantities that the customers have asked for, and any food that is leftover is donated to charity organisations such as Fare Share and Second Bite.

Energy Efficient -
Aussie Farmers Direct uses less energy; we don’t run retail outlets that have lights and display fridges on around the clock, so our food storage practices are much more energy efficient.

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